Fashion Workshops Camp

Fashion Workshops Camp

Monday, February 8, 2010


Hello and welcome
As your Fashion Workshops Camp Director my goal is to pour every ounce of my knowledge into my young fashion designers. My primary focus is to provide a place where campers actually learn skills that they can use throughout their life and careers.
At an early age of 15 I discovered my ability to draw and was able to channel my creativity. With my keen desire to learn more about fashion design I enrolled into a sewing class. My hunger to learn was so strong that at 17 I enrolled in college to obtain a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design & Marketing. Because I started early I was able to finish college at 21 years old. All of the education that I recieved helped to push and propel me a lot further in my career.

In 2003 during my second year of college I was hired to help launch a newly founded clothing line called "Apple Bottoms" founded by Mega Rap Star Nelly. During my time with Apple Bottoms I was able to gain knowledge in Production and Design. It was such an awesome experience to work so closely with the production companies that produced the clothing we designed.

The launch of Apple Bottoms began with the production of a unique Jean. This very special jean had pockets that resembled the shape of an Apple. (The first orignal replica is pictured above). During the first phase of production we ran into a bump in the road. While some of the Apples were perfectly shaped others were coming out distorted. We could'nt use the distorted pockets for the remaining of our jeans and we had dozens of orders that were not complete. So I sat down with the production manager and came up with a solution I said "Hey lets put an embroidered signature in the place of the pockets". It was a "GO" and fast thinking saved us. That Jean is pictured below (with no pockets):

Now lets fast forward to 2010 and you will see the Jean progression below. Which is now the combination of the Apple Shaped pocket along with the Signature. I am so proud to have been a part of this now ssuccessful company.

At Fashion Workshops Camp campers will engage in excercises that require this type of creative and constructive thinking. I use my personal experience to create unique excercises for our campers.
My passion has always been to teach so when my time ended with Apple Bottoms I took a job as a fashion instructor in Shanghai China at Raffles Lasalle Design Institute. The Raffles instructors consisted primarily of Fashion Designers from all over of the world. My job was to create and structure my lesson plan and shared my expertise with students. My main subjects were Sewing, Sketching and Computer Aided Design. These are the the core classes that I've implemented for Fashion Workshops Camp.This was a very exciting opportunity and also scary. The exciting part was teaching and sharing my knowledge with these awesome students. The scary part was travelling to a foreign country for the first time. My time in China was well spent and inspired me to prepare young people for success in Fashion Design.
Now enough about me lets talk about Fashion Workshops Camp

When you come to a Fashion Workshops Camp you learn specific skills related to Fashion Design or Modeling. We present you with the opportuntiy to start foundational core classes and use that to continue on the path to success. Our core classes are Sketching, Sewing, and Pattern Making. Our camp is structured for beginners so don't worry it's okay if you have never sketched or sewn a day in your life. Take a look at some of our photos from fashion design camp 2009

Your experience will be both fun and educational and as we get closer to camp I will send you updates on our sessions. I can't wait to meet you all and I hope to set a strong foundation for you all. If you are a FASHION MODELING camper stay tuned.

For registration please call 404-453-1365 or email

Atlanta Parent Camp Expo

Come and meet us Saturday, March 20 2010, 11am - 4pm at Perimeter Mall4400 Ashford-Dunwoody RoadAtlanta, Georgia 30346. We will be registering on location and look forward to meeting you.

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Fashion Photography at it's best

Last summer Fashion Workshop campers visited Celebrity Fashion Photographer Derrick Blanks. Derrick took time from his busy schedule and graciously gave our campers the chance to see his studio in Atlanta. Derrick is known for high quality images in Fashion and Entertainment. His recent work includes "Alter Ego" Shoot on the Atlanta Houswives of Atlanta. Thank you Mr Blanks for giving our campers the opportunity to visit your studio.