Fashion Workshops Camp

Fashion Workshops Camp

Sunday, June 30, 2013

2013 Camp photos 

May 27th Week 1

The week 1 girls had so much fun on their fashion field trip
we stopped by Forever 21 to play a little dress up and off we went.

Team "Fashion Rocks" kicked but in the Fashion in store Challenge

Here is one of our campers wearing a dress she made during camp.

This little Fashionista made this adorable orange dress in just 2 days of sewing

Our Director looking over the Teams answers

These two buddies made cute tops

Practice sewing is easy as  123...

                                         Another camper practice sewing on her machine

This camper is threading her machine
                             These two are researching styles and learning how to locate patterns

                The girls are gathering information to report back after the in store Fashion Challenge

June 03-07 Week 2

Week 2 Campers were a special bunch!

Learning how to draw fashion flats

The girls created their own Croquis and now are
Using light boxes to trace them
Every designer should understand what it takes to be a real designer and sometimes designers
present their designs to the \ here is a student presenting.

Good job with those flats!

Learning how to measure

Learning how to locate a pattern


It's summer time and these 2 decided to make shorts!

One of our campers modeling his pajama pants that he made at camp

June 10-14 Week 3

Week 3 campers are exhausted from the amount of fun they are having 

This camper is learning how to draw the 9 head figure

These girls are making a design presentation

Ok its time to draw our Fashion figures

Drawing fashion figures

Putting together design presentations

One of the campers came up with a design theme called "Underwater Blue"
She did an AMAZING JOB!

Another design inspiration board coming together

Having fun at our in store challenge

This little one is sewing a awesome is THAT!

Everyone is preparing their machines

June 17-21Week 4

This camper is marking and measuring so that she can cut and sew

Marking and measuring fabric to sew


Pinning a pattern to fabric and getting ready to cut

The design boards came out great!

This design board has a color story and sketches
June 24-28 Week 4

Look how creative this is...she made this huge bow and then applied it
to her t-shirt

This camper made a dress in 2 days

These are original sketches from a camper.. I LOVE IT!

This inspiration board has just about everything from sketches, fabric, flats and
even little descriptions

Learning to draw fashion figures

                                                   The little ones are learning to draw too

Putting the finishing touches on the inspiration and working boards

July 01-05 Week 5

The girls exploring, learning and picking fabrics for their collection

This design board came out wonderful!

Photo BOMB!!

Cutting and getting prepared to sew

Voila!!! Almost like MAGIC ALL DONE

July 08-12 Week 6

July 15-19 Week 7

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